Nairobi has been known among the launching cities for flying automobiles endeavour (with other states mainly in Europe, in North America). This project is anticipated to supply new business opportunities. Those air taxis will likely be driven by auto-pilot to boost security. Then, there autonomy is going to be enhanced as regulators and users become comfortable with the technologies and see statistical evidence that freedom provides higher levels of security than individual pilots. Finally, these vehicles could be in an autopilot manner or might possess the passenger pointing instructions, depending on the user’s choice. They will be electric or Hydrogen powered and manufacturers are going to have the first test flights this year.

According to the concept, the users would be picked up in the closest heliport and dropped in the pad that is closest for their destination. They also will have a 5-10-minute walk in either end.

The rides could have an Indicative cost of eight dollars each minute. The cost calculation would be contingent upon the grid load and trades yet.

The marketplace for this kind of taxi offer is estimated to reach $1.2 trillion each year in the next few years, as major companies such as Boeing and Volvo are working on it.