Tires can compromise the performance of the vehicles on the roads. They can also put people’s lives at risk. As already mentioned, it is important to keep the right tire pressure for your car. Maintaining your car tires regularly will keep your car safe and roadworthy for long. Here are few steps one should take to keep their car tips in excellent conditions.

Always keep the wheels aligned

You will have problems once your wheels are out of alignment. Incorrect alignment can lead to uneven wear. Besides, this can weaken them and subject them to more damage. Poor tire alignment can also lead to driver’s poor control of the car that can result in high fuel consumption. When replacing your new tires at the garage ensure the alignment are checked and done in the right way.

Be watchful when mounting the curb

Sometimes mounting a curb is unavoidable. It mostly occurs when you are parking on a busy street or getting around an obstacle on the road. You have to be keen when moving your car through barriers more so when you want to keep your tires in best conditions. Mounting the curb might make the tire sidewalls to become pinched between the wheel and the tire. It will also cause the tire to weaken and can make them to bust-out. Avoid mounting the curb as much as you can, but in case you are forced to do it, be careful.

Check for damage and unusual wear and tear

Always advisable for drivers to always do physical checkups of the tires and look out for any signs of unusual damage of wear. The wear and tears might include punctures on the tire, bulges or cuts. In case of the problems, you will have to take the tire to a qualified mechanics for check-ups or probably for repair. At times you will need to replace the tire with a new one. Do not continue driving if you happen to get a puncture. Instead, replace with the spare and take it for repair. Keep in mind that spare tires are only meant for temporary use. You should replace it with the regular one as soon as you can.

Make sure that the tire has enough tread

The treads not only help in the performance of the tire but they also help in the overall usage of the tire. Moreover, it is most important when driving on a muddy or slippery surface. The tread should have a minimum depth of 1.6mm. You have to maintain it at that depth always. Replace the tire in case the tread goes below the depth. Driving your vehicle below the treat limit is illegal. It can also fail the MOT test, and you will incur fines. Correct depth ensures good control, and it also ensures maximum safety of your car.

Instill good driving habits

Good habits will always keep your tires in good conditions just like basic maintenance. What messes the tires most are excessive acceleration or braking while on the move and constant starting or stopping in traffic. You should try to drive smoothly and constantly all the time. Better take your time on the road and reach your destination with your car in a good state than speed to arrive with your car in a damaged state. Avoid potholes and even ground surface like a plague. Slow down for speed bumps to avoid knocking out wheels from alignment.

Avoid overloading your car

Overloading your car causes more harm than you might think. A car with much weight in it can lead to poor handling hence leading to much wear on the tire because of excess heat. The tire might end up bursting causing a road accident. Do not risk your life. Most tires currently have load limits indicated on them. Read the limit and do not exceed it at any given time. The other place where you can find out how much weight your car can carry is on the placard at the door frame.

Check the pressure regularly

Tire pressure can have a huge impact on ones car’s mileage, handling, steering, and braking. Under-inflation of the car tires can increase fuel consumption since the rolling resistance increases. They can also make them more subjected to wear and tear. The worst part is having the wrong pressure as this might result in a high-speed blowout. Such situation occurs when a car is over-inflated. It is advisable to keep on checking the tire pressure every month and have spare tires too. Moreover, it will help to avoid the life of those in the car in danger. It will also reduce the cost incurred in getting the services of a breakdown.

We also recommend that you check the pressure when on a long journey or if the car is carrying unusual heavy loads. The pressure reading can be done at petrol stations or using a personal pressure gauge. Moreover, this should be done when the tires are cold to get the right reading. In case one is not sure with the pressure level their cars need you should revisit their car manuals. The pressure number marked on the tires is the maximum the tire can take.