There is a perception among car enthusiasts and lovers that tires not only a car’s weight but also determine the manner of motion. While the truth of this is debatable, one fact that stands out is that the burden of choosing which tyres to use rests squarely on the owner’s shoulders


Tyres that can be used without the inner tube instead have an adapted rim that allows the bead of the tire to seal efficiently is what can be called a tubeless tyre according to one Mr. Saleem Meeresa. Mr. Meeresa, a marketing manager, further explains that besides seam sealants, the valve stem is a must have for owners of such tyres.

Issues to do with getting flat

Problems associated with flat tires are a thing of the past for car owners that have tubeless tires. On the other hand, tube tires suffer from punctures whenever the tyre comes in contact with a hard object while on the road.

Better traction

Meeresa further explains that tubeless tyres have a unique advantage over the tube tyres. It is possible to drive with lower pressure with a tubeless tyre hence more contact on the road as opposed to tube tyres. This Meeresa point has a guarantee of having a balanced drive that is smooth and safer.

Fuel efficiency

Efficiency is a key component of any machine. Tubeless tires have an effect of lowering the car weight thus ensure the energy being used is lesser as opposed to when a tubed tyre is in play. Meeresa points out that the use of lesser fuel is the overall effect of this which is a desirable thing to any driver. Tubeless tyres are free of the cost of the tube thus are more pocket-friendly.

Tubeless tyres guarantee safety

Cases of tyre punctures while driving happen more often than not. Nairu Namuddu points out that cars with tubeless tires can still be controlled even after having a puncture while being driven. She explains that the rate at which air lost is lower hence giving the driver an opportunity to slow down and repair the puncture point. The burst noise of a tubed tire is sufficient distraction that may through the driver into panic mode thus a higher likelihood of an accident occurring.


Tubed tires are more susceptible to punctures and affected by frictional heat, unlike the tubeless tires. The exposure to frictional heat means that tubed tires are more exposed to cases of tire burst. Hence, Namuddu argues that the tubeless tires have a longer lifespan.

While these may be true for tubeless tires, their cost is higher in comparison to the tubed ones. Repairing of tubeless tires is another huddle car owners should be ready to face.

Which cars use what type?

The choice of tires to use is governed by the make of car one owns according to Moses kayiira, a mechanic. When one wants to change the type of tire being used, a prior change in the rim is necessary. Kayiira further explains that vehicles like the Tata Elf, Land cruisers, trucks and trailers usually have tube tires; while those smaller in size like Spacio, Premio, and Vitz use tubeless tires. Prices of tubeless tires range from sh150000-sh8500000.