Volkswagen is planning to increase production by double at its Thika based assembly plant in Kenya. The German carmaker company also plans to introduce production of a new model car. This move will highly contribute to President’s Uhuru Kenyatta action plan of the Big Four in his last term in power.

Thomas Schaefer, head of Volkswagen told President Uhuru that they are planning to add production of a small SUV, hatchback model in Kenya. He also said that they would increase production up to 300 vehicles of the VW Polo Vivo model. This was during a meeting held in East London, South Africa where President Uhuru Kenyatta was also in attendance.

President Kenyatta has laid out his last term plans for Kenya promising to put more focus on the Big Four. This plan touches on food and nutrition, affordable housing, security, universal healthcare and increased manufacturing levels. The country’s cooperation with Volkswagen will guarantee Uhuru’s agenda in industrialization and manufacturing sector. The President has also assured VW of his government’s cooperation in supporting its assembly plant based in Thika. He also stated that the country has a ready market for VW vehicles manufactured in Kenya as long as they will be sold at affordable and fair prices.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also pointed out the importance of VW presence in Kenya in the creation of job opportunities for the highly educated group of youths in the country. He also welcomed VW plans to increase production and add new models. He said that the move would equip youths with technological knowledge and also contribute to the growth of the economy.

Thomas Schaefer envisions successful operation of VW in all the countries they have invested including Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria. Kenya is also optimistic that the VW based in Thika will grow to a significant assembling plant with a large enough capacity to cater for East and Central Africa vehicle markets. VW impressively managed to assemble and sell its first car under a year since setting camp to Kenya in 2016.

Kenya has attracted several other car making companies in the last few years. The Japanese based Toyota car manufacturers began assembling its vehicles in 2015 in Kenya with Peugeot which originates from France came into the country last year.