What with Toyota and Nissan, the Japanese cars are very popular in Africa!

The company Nissan was born in 1911 and was one of the pioneer vehicle manufacturer. The strength and efficiency of their trucks and cars made them very appreciated by Japanese people. In the 50s, Nissan began to export its vehicles to other countries, such as Kenya. The operation was successful, as the vehicles were affordable and their maintenance was easy. Nissan became a real competitors for the European companies in this period.

Now, Nissan's models are still very appreciated, especially the Nissan X-Trail, Patrol and Juke. Nissan is now at the pole position for car electrification. The brand is currently the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. Their hatchback Leaf can be driven on 460 kilometres on a single charge. Electric mobility is now a big topic in nowadays society so and Nissan really wants its technology to be used in the African continent. As Kenya has already electric taxi companies using Nissan Leaf cars, the country leads the way.

Moreover, the Japanese brand is working hard to counter fake spare parts. For instance, they sell cheaper original replacement parts. This is another reason why African people, and especially Kenyans, will continue to be in love with Nissan!