By 2021, motorcycle sales in Kenya are predicted to increase by 15.6%. According to the most current Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Economic Survey, this follows an extraordinary 17.4% increase in the lockdown-affected 2020. (KNBS). Motorcycle registrations were 246,705 in 2020 and 285,203 in 2021. Motorcycle registrations will be 1.5 times higher in 2021 than in 2018.

Essentially, ICE motorcycles make up 99% of the 285,203 total motorcycles. This sector has enormous potential for electrification, which is why many firms have been testing electric motorcycles over the past few years. These businesses plan to expand and revolutionize Kenya's motorcycling industry dramatically.

Leading businesses include some of the following:

  • Kiri EVs
  • Fika Mobility
  • Ecobodaa
  • Charji Energy
  • Ampersand
  • Roam
  • ARC Ride.

In Kenya, motorcycles mostly serve as public transportation. Kiri EVs Fika Mobility Ecobodaa Charji Energy Ampersand Roam ARC Ride The term "Boda bodas" is a common reference to these motorbike taxis. A key sector of Kenya's economy is the motorbike taxi sector. The average daily income for these motorbike taxi drivers is close to 700 shillings ($6.60), and they facilitate 22 million daily rides.

Drivers earn Sh980 million ($9.2 million) daily, and the sector earns an estimated 357 billion shillings ($3.3 billion) annually. Both bike owners and users will gain greatly from the move to electric transportation. Many companies offer novel financing solutions, such as purchasing the motorcycle and renting the batteries to reduce the initial outlay. Offering battery switch services alleviate a range of concerns as well.

To minimize emissions, it is vital to expedite the adoption of electric cars in Kenya's largest vehicle market. Kenya's grid is already in good condition. Kenya generated 92.3% of its power from renewable sources in 2020. Significant CO2 emissions reductions can be accomplished in Kenya by gradually increasing the use of electric motorcycles. This might be accomplished by incentivizing the purchase of new electric motorbikes and hastening the conversion of current motorcycles to electric.