The 70th edition of the Safari Rally, a prestigious event on the World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar, was marked by the presence and enthusiastic participation of Kenyan President William Ruto. This article delves into the significance of this milestone edition and President Ruto's involvement in celebrating this iconic motorsport event.

A Historic Occasion

The Safari Rally's 70th edition is a momentous occasion for motorsport enthusiasts and the WRC community. It represents a rich history of rallying in Kenya, with the event first taking place in 1953. Over the years, the Safari Rally has earned a reputation for its challenging terrain and iconic status in motorsport.

President Ruto's Support

Kenyan President William Ruto's active involvement in the 70th Safari Rally edition highlights the government's commitment to promoting motorsport and showcasing Kenya's potential as a global motorsport destination. President Ruto's presence at the event underscores its national importance and the government's determination to foster a vibrant motorsport culture.

Showcasing Kenya's Beauty

The Safari Rally's unique charm lies in its diverse and picturesque route, which winds through Kenya's breathtaking landscapes. From arid savannahs to lush forests, the rally course provides a stunning backdrop for showcasing Kenya's natural beauty to a global audience. President Ruto's participation underscores the importance of using the event to promote tourism and the country's rich biodiversity.

Global Visibility

President Ruto's involvement in the 70th Safari Rally edition celebrates the event's legacy and brings it to the global stage. The WRC's international reach means that the rally serves as a platform for Kenya to enhance its global visibility and attract international visitors and investors, contributing to the country's economic growth.


The 70th edition of the Safari Rally is a testament to Kenya's enduring legacy in motorsport, and Kenyan President William Ruto's participation underscores the government's commitment to the event's success. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and global visibility, the Safari Rally captivates motorsport enthusiasts and positions Kenya as a premier destination for motorsport and tourism. As President Ruto waves the flag for the rally's 70th edition, Kenya takes pride in its role on the world stage of rallying.