Cars and motorcycles are one of the most sought-after products that are imported from foreign countries into Kenya. The demand for used vehicles from Dubai and other Middle East countries has seen a steady growth during the last few years. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) the volume of imported vehicles between 2003 and 2012 had grown at over 300% from 33,000 units to 110,474 units according to a Deloitte African Auto Report.

When it comes to importing vehicles into Kenya, Dubai scores over other European countries in many ways. Firstly, many unique and exclusive cars are found in Dubai, and secondly, they cost much less to import than European cars.

To meet the steadily rising demand for quality vehicles and professional importation services from UAE, has joined hands with Dubicars to provide unique opportunities for the people of Kenya and other African countries.

With a strong belief in trust and transparency, Dubicars and AutosKenya have partnered to remove the need for expensive brokers and middlemen, and offer their customers direct access to a wide array of vehicles to choose from. The job of brokers and middlemen are limited to showing the cars and making a deal, but there is no guarantee of safe shipping and the condition of the car upon receipt. Also, the customers are left to deal with the complexities involved in exports and imports by themselves. 

In a first-of-its-kind solution for African countries, Autoskenya and Dubicars have enabled car lovers across Africa to import cars online from the comfort of their home, and be assured of quality and security of their purchase. They will not only help you choose the perfect car, but will also help in importing the same by handling all the documentation and procedures. Right from expert personal assistance in selecting the vehicle, to shipping and transferring ownership, Austoskenya and Dubicars will help their customers every step of the way. 

Apart from a complete evaluation of cars, that include close-up shots, videos, computer data, car history, full mechanics and a full 170-point inspection of the cars, buyers can also ask for a quote for importing to Kenya.

With services like ‘Export Safe’, GCC-spec car buyers can avail 24/7 dedicated advice and support on their purchase and shipment. Advisors obtain competitive price points from sellers, provide online payment options, and handle all paperwork, including transfer of ownership. Post securing the purchase, advisors help obtain quality shipping at the best rates. In addition, they also help secure insurance coverage on all exports against damage, risk and loss of property through their shipping partners.

If you had ever wanted to import a car into Kenya, now is the perfect time! Browse through the selection or ask for a Quote.