Image Source Suzuki Africa

The Suzuki Jimny, a robust 4x4 vehicle, comes equipped with a formidable four-wheel-drive system that's ready to take you on adventures across all sorts of terrains, including rocky, low-traction, or slippery routes.

Experience comfort behind the wheel

The Suzuki Jimny boasts a powerful four-wheel-drive system, perfect for embarking on adventures through rugged, low-traction, or slippery terrains. It allows you to accelerate with confidence without losing control.

Functional Design

Its ultra-lightweight design, weighing in at just 1,095 kg, maintains its strength on muddy or sandy terrain and while tackling steep inclines, giving the Jimny a sporty and bold appearance.

Spaces and Dimensions

With a ground clearance of 210 mm, it's designed to excel on steep slopes, steep descents, and obstacle-laden paths without scraping the bumper or the underside of the Jimny.


Image Source Suzuki Africa

Off-Road SUV

The Suzuki Jimny features full-width solid axles both front and rear, granting this off-roader superior grip on a variety of surfaces.

A Timeless Design

Since its inception in 1970, the Suzuki Jimny, a product of the Japanese company Suzuki, has earned a reputation as a highly recognizable off-road vehicle. Today, it retains its legendary design character.

The Suzuki Jimny comes with a built-in touchscreen to make your journeys more enjoyable. It's compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy your favorite Spotify playlists, take calls, and use Waze without losing sight of the road. The Jimny's dashboard lets you monitor your speed and displays information about fuel efficiency and mileage.

Enhanced Performance

To respond and maneuver instantly on challenging terrains, the Jimny features a transfer case and a manual direct control for switching from 4x2 to 4x4 when needed.


Equipped with two frontal airbags to mitigate the impact in case of a frontal collision, the Suzuki Jimny also comes with seat belts for all its seats.

Electronic Stability Control (ESP)

ESP detects wheel slip during sharp steering maneuvers or on slippery surfaces, automatically adjusting torque and brakes to suppress wheel slip and maintain directional control.

Hill Start Assist

Prevents the vehicle from rolling backward while you're stopped on an incline by activating the brakes for up to 2 seconds after the driver releases the brake pedal to switch to the accelerator.