Driving through hilly terrains becomes a breeze with the Suzuki Jimny, thanks to its innovative Hill Hold Control feature. Navigating steep slopes is now worry-free as this technology prevents rearward rolling when starting on inclines, allowing drivers to focus on acceleration and control.

The Jimny enhances safety on steep terrains with its Hill Descent Control feature. Drivers can effortlessly descend by simply touching a button, allowing automatic brake application and maintaining a fixed speed. This feature ensures optimal control over steering without needing constant brake pedal or clutch engagement, making it one of the safest options for descending steep terrains.

Confidence on Slippery Surfaces with Brake Traction Control

The Brake Traction Control feature instills confidence in drivers when navigating slippery surfaces. In scenarios where two diagonal wheels lose grip, this feature automatically breaks the slipping wheels. It redistributes torque to the other two, providing the Jimny with the capability to tackle slippery terrains.

Safety Features Prioritizing Driver and Pedestrian Well-Being

Emphasizing safety as a top priority, Suzuki has incorporated advanced features into the Jimny to protect both drivers and pedestrians. In the event of a collision, the vehicle's design minimizes severe injuries. Notably, impact-absorbing components such as the bonnet, cowl top, hinges, fenders, and front bumper work in unison to mitigate injuries to both occupants and pedestrians.

Specialized Body Design for Crash Impact Absorption

The Jimny's body is specially crafted to efficiently absorb impact during a crash, offering a higher level of protection for occupants. This strategic design reduces the severity of injuries in unfortunate collision scenarios.

Enhancements for Optimal Visibility and Minimal Distraction

Beyond safety, the Jimny incorporates additional features for an enhanced driving experience. A powerful headlight cleaning system ensures optimal visibility, particularly in challenging conditions. Inside the vehicle, a touchscreen radio and navigation display unit minimize distractions, allowing drivers to stay focused on the road.


Priced at Sh3.2 million, the Suzuki Jimny, available at CMC showrooms across major cities in Kenya, stands out as a robust off-road vehicle with advanced features. From conquering steep slopes to prioritizing safety and minimizing distractions, the Jimny caters to the needs of off-road enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled driving experience.