In case you have ever lost a loved one because of the delay of an emergency ambulance, then you know the importance that comes with having a standby emergency vehicle.  Most of our countries lack a central emergency number, or if there is, you can’t be assured that it will be picked anytime you call. Nairobi is the city with 50 different emergency numbers to call, but one can’t be sure that the ambulance is going to arrive within the shortest time possible despite the presence of many ambulances in the town most of which are owned by private companies. In November alone, more than five people lost their lives after waiting for an ambulance for more than 4hours. A startup called Flare run by Uber Taxis Company has a solution.

The company launched an app that calls ambulances to a specific place. The technology makes use of the smartphone technology to locate the real place by using data. The flare has managed to reduce the ambulance time response by a greater margin. While using the app, patients are in a position to track and communicate with the sent team until the ambulance arrives. Ambulance drivers are therefore given smartphones with Google map app, with real locations and traffic fewer routes.

Most emphasis is on health. Therefore Flare is out to cover all kind of emergencies, and it has already started to acquire fire services and fire truck drivers. Currently, it has 50 ambulances and ten fire extinguisher trucks that can serve within the same period in different locations. The company is planning to expand the number and also bring private companies on board.

The ambulances are fully insured, and partners are vetted for proper registration, certification, personnel, and equipment before joining the platform. Flare will be a huge relief in case it’s located in every corner of the country. The platform will inevitably reduce the death rates experienced due to failure to get the medication due to time.